Russian American Foundation

Russian American Foundation

Regarding Walter Ruby’s article, (“Civil War In Little Odessa,” May 30): The Russian American Foundation (RAF) promotes awareness and tolerance of New York City’s Russian-speaking communities, inclusive of all its diverse groups; Jewish, non-Jewish, Ukrainian, Russian, Bukharian and others.  

RAF is also known for its unwavering and nonpartisan commitment to a bilateral dialogue between the people, cultures and countries of the United States and Russia. 

As RAF abstains from political discussions, we were surprised to find the organization referenced in such a context in Walter Ruby’s article. RAF’s mission is to promote understanding and human dialogue in today’s global world. The Annual Russian Heritage Month honors the achievements of New York’s Russian-speaking community, educates about its culture and heritage, and showcases internationally acclaimed and community-based artists, performers, theaters, exhibits and groups. 

While RAF will always abstain from political discourse, we believe that now, more than ever, there is a vital need to bring together people of different cultures, religions and countries.  

RAF is proud that the 12th Annual Russian Heritage Month, which is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the third wave of Russian Jewish immigration to New York City, will continue to fulfill that goal. 

Marina Kovalyov, President

Rina Kirshner, Vice President

Russian American Foundation

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