Rocket Barrage Follows IDF Strike In Gaza

Rocket Barrage Follows IDF Strike In Gaza

( — Gaza terrorists fired a Qassam rocket toward Israel on Tuesday after having fired more than 55 rockets and mortar shells into Israel the previous day. The rocket exploded inside Palestinian territory near the border fence, causing no injuries or damage, Israel Hayom reported.

Monday’s barrage came in response to an Israel Air Force strike in the Gaza Strip that critically wounded two Islamic Jihad operatives in Rafah, one of whom has since succumbed to his wounds. The two had been involved in extensive terror activities against Israel, military sources said.

The two operatives were Talaat Halil Mohammed Jerbi, 23, and Abdullah Mohammed Hassan Makawi, 24, both members of world jihadist organizations. A source within the Israeli defense establishment reported that Jerbi had been involved in the planning and execution of a terror attack along the Israel-Sinai border on June 18, in which an Israeli civilian was killed. Jerbi was also in the midst of planning a fresh attack, according to other Israeli defense officials. After being hospitalized, Makawi died on Monday.

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