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Return Of The Chanukah Lady

Return Of The Chanukah Lady

I know Chanukah has caught many people by surprise this year, what with arriving LESS THAN A WEEK after Thanksgiving! However, my kids have been preparing for over a month, by playing with dreidels (we have a zillion lying around the house), counting down the days and of course perfecting their gift wish lists.

Witnessing their excitement and joy in the holiday has been really heartwarming. Nonetheless, I’m still struggling a bit to overcome my inner Grinch by tonight: I’ve been feeling a bit overburdened by Chanukah’s various demands, particularly with the holiday arriving at such a busy time of year. In addition to attending two Chanukah events this week at our temple, we’re hosting a family gathering on Saturday night, and I’m visiting both girls’ classes in my annual role as Jewish Ambassador/Chanukah Lady. (My mom used to do this when I was little, so it’s a family tradition.)

I tried to beg off the Chanukah Lady performance this year, but both girls were adamant about me coming in to distribute dreidels and gelt. Sophie’s pre-K class has a few other Jewish girls, whom she is trying to recruit for her Hebrew school, less out of any missionary zeal than a desire to spend three hours with them each Sunday. Ellie, as usual, is the lone Member of the Tribe in her second-grade class, although hardly the only non-Christian: several classmates are Muslim, while others are Hindu.

Now that I have mastered this whole embedding thing (Maybe one day I’ll even get radical and start posting photos on here!) I offer you two interfaith family-friendly Chanukah videos:

*’s first in-house video, a how-to on lighting the candles and saying the blessings. (Traditional folks beware: the mom is not only intermarried, but also sports an elaborate floral tattoo.)

*G-dcast’s spin on the Chanukah story. I really like G-dcast’s quirky (and anachronistic) video interpretations, mostly of different Torah portions.
Oops — can’t figure out how to embed more than one video on a post, so click the link and watch it on YouTube.

Happy Chanukah to all!

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