Restitution Frustration

Restitution Frustration

I read about the Polish government compensation for Holocaust survivors, offering about $130 a
month — enough to starve on (“New Rules Pave Way For Polish Expat Pensions,” May 22).
It is another way to avoid true restitution of
the close to $40 billion in Jewish properties that were never returned to the
owners or survivors. For past 25 years I have been trying to recover the
properties my grandfather and father owned that are valued at over $25 million.
I have documents from 1928-1938 about the ownership, and document of an
order by a German judge to transfer of the factory from my father to a
representative of Germany.

Recently the Polish government passed a law that prohibits restitution or claims
of properties that have not had owners for more than five years, and thus our
claim is no longer valid.


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