Religion Is The Answer

Religion Is The Answer

Re “Chewing on Jewish Declines” (July 8), it is now with near regularity that I read articles in your newspaper bemoaning the disappearance of non-observant Jews and/or Jewish institutions, while noting the growth of the observant Modern Orthodox and haredi communities.

The inconvenient truth is that although non-observant Judaism, with its emphasis on universal values and Jewish culture, is a wonderful lifestyle, it is nearly impossible to transmit it past one or two generations. As the author notes, the Israeli and Russian communities are holding their own for now, but that is only because they are largely the first generation from tightly knit communities. Their children and grandchildren, born and raised here, will also intermarry and disappear.

Although institutions like Makor, after-school religious training and H&H bagels are great, they will not stem the disappearance of American Jews who do not observe the Sabbath, who eat non-kosher, and/or intermarry. I pray that all Jews seek out organizations like Aish HaTorah, Chabad, the National Jewish Outreach Project, etc. and rediscover a 3,000-year-old way of life.


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