Regret For Applause

Regret For Applause

I finally understood the appeal of Donald Trump from his speech at the AIPAC conference. Calling Obama the worst president ever for Israel resonated in applause — for the comment, not the candidate — from most attendees. In retrospect, I regret harming AIPAC’s vital mission — to gain the well-deserved support for Israel from all of America’s elected officials, especially the president – by behaving so differently than did Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt (Letter, April 1). 

For this indiscretion we all were appropriately chastised and, in anticipation of which, we might have been put on guard.

The takeaway should be for Americans to strive to get out the truth about Israel and other issues on an ongoing basis, for honest discussions and policy making, so that distortions and omissions do not fester in the body politic and be exploited by demagogues.


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