Reflects Jewish Values

Reflects Jewish Values

I laud the decision to clear the way for the Cordoba House to be built (“In Wake of ADL, Jewish Groups Back Ground Zero Mosque,” Aug. 6). Stopping its construction would have amounted to denial of religious freedom.  

While I understand the need for sensitivity in addressing the concerns of relatives of 9/11 victims, allowing the Cordoba Initiative to build a peaceful community center shows the radical, evil supporters of Osama bin Laden that Americans gladly espouse the attitude of tolerance that he so abhors.

As American Jews, informed by our history and heritage, the values of religious freedom, equality, and justice are deeply important to our community. That is why J Street NYC was proud to stand alongside the leaders of this initiative, strengthened by the support of the over 10,000 others who signed a petition in support of the Cordoba House. We will continue to support endeavors that reflect the values the Jewish people have held dear for centuries.

Steering Committee Chair, J Street 



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