Reflecting On ‘Loss’

Reflecting On ‘Loss’

The Aug. 26 issue of Text/Context (“Loss”) was voraciously read as a needed experience to more deeply understand death, mourning, and remembering.

As an active Jewish community member, even leader, the occasions to share this inexorable phase of life beckons, alas, sometimes too frequently.

My own experience of the impact the Angel of Death unleashes first came 55 years ago when, as a 12-year-old newly arrived immigrant with our family, within months of my paternal grandfather’s demise in Volos, Greece, I witnessed my 11-year-old sister Miriam’s, z’l, untimely passing, a victim of childhood leukemia.

It was years later, now an adult, that in 1997, Chol HaMoed Pesach, that I lost my beloved father, Jacob, z’l.

Your evocative pieces made me reread and relive the eulogy I delivered that sad day of final farewells.


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