Redefine ‘Pro-Israel’

Redefine ‘Pro-Israel’

Edieal Pinker argues in his Opinion essay, “For Jewish Critics Of Israel, Time Hasn’t Changed” (April 10), those leftist critics such as J
Street and Peter Beinart are pro-Palestinian, while he is pro-Israel because he refrains from critiquing the current government’s policies.

We need to redefine the label “pro-Israel.” Being pro-Israel should mean
supporting policies that will allow Israel to exist forever, in peace and
stability, as a beacon of democracy and a homeland for the Jewish people.
Instead, the term has been hijacked to mean uncritically supporting policies
that endanger Israel’s long-term security as well as its democratic
traditions. Many of us diaspora Jews, including some of Israel’s most
ardent supporters, love Israel and Israelis so much that we will not let them
continue on this path, not without a fight.

Let’s widen the umbrella and fight together for Israel.


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