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Real Jews aren’t afraid of a tea party

Real Jews aren’t afraid of a tea party

The liberal Jewish fear-mongering regarding the Tea Party movement, that somehow this grassroots anti-tax, anti-DC establishment uprising will hurt Jews, minorities, and the conservative wave sweeping the American spirit, is nothing but leftist wishful thinking.

Really, wouldn’t the left like you to think the boogey man Tea Party is your real enemy. J Sreet, which aroused even Reform leader Rabbi Eric Yoffie’s wrath for their odd and anti-Israel statements during the Gaza War, no, J Street isn’t the enemy. And the overwhelming number of Democrat congressman who supported the Goldstone report (33 Democrats to only 3 Republicans), or refused to vote against it (20 Democrats to only 2 Republicans), that’s 55 Democrats to 5 Republicans, they’re not the enemy. And the 54 Democrats (before one dropped out) who signed a letter, originated by Democrat Keith Ellison, the first American Muslim in Congress, asking the British Colonial Mandate Pres. Obama to squeeze Israel, those Democrats are not something for Jews to think about. (You can read all about those Democrat congressmen in Al-Jazeera).

But the Tea Party people who are against runaway spending and taxation and reflect frustration with the economic policies of Obama and Congress — THEY’RE the enemy, threatening you, as a Jew. Sure.

And Republican outreach to Jews doesn’t stand a chance. Sure. Wouldn’t the left like to think so.

The Tea Party has been around for about a year. Shouldn’t there be some actual evidence, other than left-wing fear-mongering, that the Tea Party will spawn anti-Semitism? Has there been even one anti-Semitic incident? Not one! Jews are the most likely victims of hate crimes in the United States, according to the FBI. Who are the perps? Take a guess. You don’t have to say it out loud, but you know who hates Jews and Israel. You know who really makes you afraid. Who threatens to blow up your shuls. Who bursts into a Jewish office firing a gun.

Not one hate crime from the Tea Party.

So what is the basis for the Democrat’s fear?

The leftist Democrats are fearful, and rightly so, that their hopes and dreams, inflated beyond reason after the last election, is coming up empty, and is seen by more Americans (Jews included) as either resulting in political incompetence or outright hokum, a political three-card monte. I guarantee you — I guarantee — there will be dozens of stories, dozens, and increasingly so, before the 2010 and 2012 elections trying to instill fear into Jews, suggesting that we have something to fear from the growing anti-Obama, anti-Congress, anti-Albany backlash. When there is nothing to fear at all.

That Jews need to fear the Tea Party will go into the Hall of Fame of Jewish Boogey Men alongside the endless stories we heard about how Jews had to be afraid of anti-Semitism — violence, even — from Mel Gibson’s “Passion” movie about Jesus. Never happened, did it? How about all the stories you’ve read about why Jews should fear Evangelical support for Israel, because they’re going to want to convert you either now, or (if you believe that Jesus is coming back) in the Christian End of Days? Never happened, did it? When was the last time an Evangelical Boogey Man tried to convert you because of Israel? How about all those stories in 2008 about how we had to fear something in the Jewish soul because of all the unsigned viral e-mails about Obama (blamed on the Jews, without evidence) and how Jews were such racists that we wouldn’t vote for Obama? Jews, racist? Never happened. What were all those months of fear-mongering about Jewish racism all about? It was more about trying to intimidate you to vote Democrat and thereby prove your goodness. Charging “racism” was more about the finger-pointer, not the facts.

That’s how much you have to fear, as Jews, from the Tea Party. Nothing.

If anything, you were hurt by trends that were under-reported even as those stories were over-reported, such as the budding of sudden, sporadic, Islamic terrorism in America (the Seattle Jewish Federation murders happened the same week as the Gibson movie opened and didn’t get one percent of the coverage, even in most Jewish papers). Even now, which is more likely to present the greatest threat to you, or your child, or Israel — the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, with her unequivocal sympathy for Israel, or the abuse of Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, just last week, by “Progressives” on a college campus? And yet how many papers wrote about the abuse of the ambassador by leftist students?

Those students’ hatred of Israel (and you) is reflected — where? In the Tea Party? I don’t think so.

I don’t think that their hatred is widely reflected among Democrats, either, but one could just as easily weave a “Be Afraid” story around the party of Ellison, Cynthia McKinney, Al Sharpton and the more than 50 pro-Goldstone, pro-Gaza congressmen as one could around the Tea Party. And then “Republican outreach to Jews” would indeed stand a very good chance, wouldn’t it? Ellison and those 50-plus Goldstoners are more of a serious problem for Jews than are what Ira Forman (leader of the National Jewish Democratic Council) claims are global warming skeptics in the Tea Party. That skepticism about global warming, Forman should know, is gaining traction even in scholarly circles, not just in the Tea Party, growing in every circle but Al Gore’s circle, now that it has become known that global warming hysteria was itself a fraud.

Who is more of a threat to you, dear reader, the Tea Party and skeptics about the weather, or the pro-Palestinian leftists all across the United States (in what political party would they be most comfortable?) who are organizing Israel boycotts, pulling Israeli products off the shelves here and here and here?

If you were walking down a street at night — or just shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s — and heard footsteps behind you… stop and think: Would you be more afraid if you turned around and saw Sarah Palin and the entire Tea Party, or if you saw those 11 Islamic Israel-hating leftists from U.C.-Irvine that almost no one wrote about? Answer in your heart, if not out loud.

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