Rabbis Tone Deaf?

Rabbis Tone Deaf?

The sentiments voiced by the White Plains rabbis welcoming Palestinian observer status at the United Nations left me disheartened (“Was ‘A Great Moment’ Too Alienating?” Dec. 7).

How can the rabbis in good conscience offer support to a movement whose leadership denies the Holocaust, balks at any Jewish historical link to the land and permits anti-Jewish hatred to be included in schoolbooks and other venues? The answer came a few pages later in George Robinson’s critique of Stephen Fry’s film “Wagner &Me.” Robinson correctly points out that “every Jew with even a passing interest in Western culture has a few of them — anti-Semitic artists for whom they will engage in special pleading.” Unfortunately the rabbis, much like Stephen Fry, hear the music but seem “tone deaf” to the composers’ true and well established beliefs.      

Lawrence, L.I.

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