Purim Resources

Purim Resources

Editors Note: Gateways in Boston offers programs and services to children with special needs and educational challenges in Greater Boston's Jewish day schools, congregational and community supplemental schools and Jewish preschools, as well as Gateways’ own Sunday school, B'nei Mitzvah preparation program and teen youth group. They also share free, downloadable resources. Here we are highlighting their Purim resources for children with special learning needs.

These resources can help children with special needs prepare for and participate successfully in Purim celebrations:

1. Waiting in line is hard! This social story prepares children for waiting in line at a Purim carnival.

2. Download and read this simplified version of the Purim story, written for young children: "Long ago, Esther and Mordechai lived in Persia. Esther and Mordechai were Jewish. King Achashverosh was king of Persia. King Achashverosh married Esther. Haman was King Achashverosh's friend. Haman wore a triangle hat with three corners…"

3. Learn key Purim phrases in American Sign Language.

4. Complete a Purim costume puzzle by matching the top half to the bottom half.

5. "Cakes and Miracles" is a collaboration between PJ Library and the Jewish Special Education International Consortium. It is a touching story about Hershel, who is blind and learning to celebrate the gift of differences. Click here for related activities and discussion questions.

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