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Purim in the Digital Age

Purim in the Digital Age

Leave it to Robert Pass, creator of the Jewish iPhone Community, to put together a comprehensive website with everything a connected, Jewish techie needs to celebrate Purim in the Digital Age. In addition to the Grogger Factory’s 2010 contribution to iPurim with their virtual grogger, there are a host of other apps (some old, some new) for this year’s Purim celebration. Check out the Purim page of the Jewish iPhone Community.

For a full line of Purim software, I recommend the TES Purim store.

Here are three must-have apps for Purim this year:

Purim Guide

It’s the application that provides everything that you need to prepare yourself for the holiday. “Purim Guide” consists of the legal information about Purim, interesting texts explaining the very idea of the holiday, and a recipe for hamentashen. This app by Dovid Zirkind was one of the first Purim apps on the market. The interface leaves a little to be desired, but it is a great source of knowledge (in your pocket) about the Festival of Purim.

Megillas Esther

This version of Megillat Esther is now fully compatibile with iPad. The app is easy to operate and ncludes a full Hebrew text. It also has grogger sounds and other sound effects (machine guns, the crowd ‘booing,’ firecrackers, and an air horn).

Megilat Esther HD

This is a brand new app in the iTunes store. It is decorated with beautiful artwork from the Malchut Waxberger Gallery. It also includes sounds and interactive animations. The Hebrew interface is strong. This app is highly recommended to use with children during the reading of the Megillah.

Chag Sameach! Happy Purim!

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