Proud Liberal Jew

Proud Liberal Jew

  As a proud liberal Jew, I was very offended by David Freund’s letter (July 9), “Support Fellow Jews.” Contrary to his assertions, I and most liberal Jews do not “equate [Israel] with Nazi Germany,” “support an enemy that is bent on Israel’s destruction,” “criticize Israel for defending itself” or “prefer that Jews allow their enemy to kill them without a fight.”

Evidently, Freund thinks that Jews must automatically back every Israeli policy, even in cases where many Israelis disagree and where the policy seems counterproductive to Israel’s goals. Most liberal Jews support Israel as much as he does, but feel that a sustainable, comprehensive, just, mutually agreed-upon resolution of the conflicts, as difficult as it may be to obtain, is essential if Israel is to be able to solve her many economic, environmental and other domestic problems and remain a Jewish and a democratic state.

Freund seems unaware of or is ignoring the many times that the biblical prophets lovingly criticized Israel, the many Jewish teachings on peace, justice, kindness to strangers compassion to the poor and much more, and the long Jewish history of dissent.

Professor Emeritus, College of Staten Island


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