Producer Hopes To Make ‘Hebrew Hammer’ Sequel

Producer Hopes To Make ‘Hebrew Hammer’ Sequel

Actor Adam Goldberg will reprise his 2004 role as Mordechai Jefferson Carver, the badass Jewish avenger known as The Hebrew Hammer in an upcoming sequel – if its producer can raise the cash.

Jonthan Kesselman is looking to the crowd-funding site Jewcer to get the ball rolling – he’s hoping $200,000 will leverage the necessary $1.5 million budget – to send Goldberg’s Hammer back in time to fight Adolf Hitler. That scenario was perhaps inspired by the Hebrew Hammerheads of Quentin Tarantino’s 2009 “Inglorious Basterds,” a revenge fantasy that allowed the characters to rake the fuehrer with bullets while blowing up top Nazis in a French movie theater.

But Kesselman’s sequel script also has touches of 1989’s “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” It would have the hero and his sidekick jump into in a “time sukkah” to chase after Hitler as he changes the course of Jewish history through his own time travel.

Kesselman called his first film “Jewxploitation,” a take on the “Blaxploitation” films of the 70s. The first film pitted the Hammer against the evil son of Santa Claus.

In a video on Jewcer, Kesselman issues an open casting call for the role of Hitler, hoping for an A-List comic like Jack Black or Will Ferrell. He also declares that he’ll take money from just about anyone.

“We will take Christian money, we will take Muslim money … Bernie Madoff, you want to make good with the Jewish people? This is a start.” As of Wednesday evening, Kesselman had raised just over $40,000 toward his goal.

Goldberg, who says he is “half jew, half Nazi” because of his mother’s partially German heritage, discussed the Hebrew Hammer sequel and other matters in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

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