Pro-Israel Films

Pro-Israel Films

In Gary Rosenblatt’ Jan. 23 Between the Lines column, “Can Pro- Israel Films Connect With A Wider
Audience?,” the answer is yes.

Only if that audience is willing to listen to
the historical truth. The films he mentions in the column are documentaries.
“Above and Beyond” [which tells the story of the small group of American Jewish pilots who helped create the Israeli Air Force in 1948], is based on interviews some of the surviving pilots and is portrayed as
historically accurate. The film is even a bit unbalanced in its narration
towards the Arab side by only mentioning the Arab refugees supposedly created by Israel’s War of Independence. It neglects to mention
the Jewish refugees from Arab countries that were forced to leave to Israel due it extreme
hardship created by state-sponsored anti-Semitism in Arab lands.

Fresh Meadows, Queens

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