Prevent Tragedies

Prevent Tragedies

Hannah Dreyfus’ heartbreaking story of an ex-chasidic young women who took
her own life (“We Tried To Be There For Her,” July 24) highlighted the
isolation and loneliness that can come for young adults with leaving a
community and cutting most ties to family and friends. Footsteps is a great
organization dedicated to creating a new community for people like Faigy
Meyer, but they need partners.

Liberal Orthodox communities have a unique opportunity to provide a familiar,
welcoming and non-judgmental environment for people who are leaving a
chasidic community but want to maintain some connection with traditional
Judaism. Although these young men and women are not the products of
progressive Judaism, they might find a new home there, or at least a way
station, on their journey to a new community.

I hope the entire Jewish community can continue to support one another
regardless of personal choices, and help to prevent tragedies like this from
happening in the future.

White Plains, N.Y.


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