Preserving Peoplehood

Preserving Peoplehood

Long before Limmud, our ancestors studied Torah (“Three Steps To Preserving Peoplehood: A Global Perspective,” Opinion, April 21). They lived a Torah lifestyle. They celebrated all of the Jewish holidays, and Shabbat was truly a day of rest that centered around prayer and study in the synagogue.

In fact the synagogue served as not only a place of meditation and prayer but as a giant study hall filled with the buzz of the sound of people pouring over rabbinic literature, which became the blueprint until the present of how to make Judaism a way of life.

So before Limmud promotes courses on Jewish cooking, the arts and literature, which is a noble cause, if you really want authentic Judaism take advantage of all the wonderful religious texts that have been translated into English and learn how to make it a way of life.

That is the only way proven historically that we will preserve peoplehood.


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