Politics Over Public Welfare

Politics Over Public Welfare

Thank you to Gary Rosenblatt for such an important and amazingly articulate column, “Frustration With Israel Is Growing Here At Home” (Jan. 8). 

He summed up so well how I feel and the problems I see. Israeli governments — especially this one — focus first on how to keep their coalition together and next, on how to plan the coalition following the next election. Sadly, the long-term good of the nation is not a priority.

This hungering for personal power and failure to provide for the good of the Jewish people is so contrary to every Jewish value.
So I often wonder if the Israelis who continue to put up with this fiasco are increasingly placing the very future of the Israeli state at great risk of failure.

I have begun to think that if the Israeli gov’t does not change some of its direction, there is a serious risk that we could see increasing groups of American Jews feeling that they must protect their welcome in the U.S.


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