Polish Bill Would Slash Compensation

Polish Bill Would Slash Compensation

Poland has introduced legislation that would cut compensation to former Jewish property owners and heirs whose homes and businesses were seized by the Nazis. The legislation would cover fewer claims than previous versions of similar bills and would also pay only 8 to 10 percent of the property’s value. The Polish government had previously agreed to discuss such legislation with Jewish leaders before submitting it to parliament for approval.
Israel Singer, chairman of the World Jewish Restitution Organization, said the proposal does not give survivors even a small measure of justice.
In another development, the German government has announced that it will provide Social Security benefits for survivors of many more ghettos than previously announced, but it is not clear which will be covered. Yisroel Schulman, executive director of the New York Legal Assistance Group, said he was outraged that although the deadline for applying for the benefits is six months away, the German government has neither created an application, announced what proof survivors need to apply or spelled out which ghettos are covered.
Eligible survivors will receive a payment of $17,500 and monthly pensions of $250. For information, call NYLAG at (212) 688-0710.

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