Photos: Write On For Israel Trip 2018, Day Three
Write On For Israel

Photos: Write On For Israel Trip 2018, Day Three

Today we woke up and embarked on a journey in which we experienced Israel’s unparalleled humanitarian efforts on a local and international level.

Our first stop was Wolfson Hospital in Holon where we met with Dr. Asi Sagi, one of the driving forces and most accredited cardiologists behind Israel’s amazing “Save a Child’s Heart” program. Aside from seeing children from both the Palestinian Territories and Africa being treated, we got to meet with Fatima, the Palestinian Social Coordinator for “Save a Child’s Heart.” Truly a beautiful person inside and out, Fatima explained to us the amazing program that is SACH and how it has helped so many people. We then visited the SACH Children’s Center to spend time with African children awaiting or recovering from life-saving heart surgery. Despite the stark language barriers, we were truly able to bond with and understand these children as the amazing human beings they are.

Our journey continued as we traveled to Modi’in, one of Israel’s most beautiful towns. In Modi’in we visited a mall to get a glimpse of daily life in Israel. We then traveled to Jerusalem where we will be staying the remainder of our trip. We had the unbelievable privilege of watching Israeli paratroopers receive their red berets after finishing basic training. A truly emotional event, we got to see families of all shapes, sizes, religions and creeds come together and celebrate their children, as they move on to protect the land of Israel.

After we returned to the hotel and decompressed, we finished off a wonderful day by speaking with two truly inspiring individuals. First, we heard from Yahya Mahamed, a 20 year-old Muslim Zionist, about his journey from a childhood in one of Israel’s most anti-Semitic towns to a career at StandWithUs. Lastly, we spoke with Gil Troy, the unbelievably accomplished political commentator and historian, as we examined the climate on American college campuses about Israel, and discussed how we can do our part to spread Zionism in the states.

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