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Perfect Presents For Teens

Perfect Presents For Teens

What's wrong with putting a puppy or iPad mini on your Chanukah giving list?

An adorable puppy is the perfect gift for the senior who is leaving home in a few short months. Wikimedia Commons

OK, so Chanukah is here and with it, the angst of family get-togethers. For many, that includes the quest of finding that perfect gift for your kid, cousin or friend, or perhaps avoiding giving a gift that’s well…not so great. So here is a short guide from a teenager who unfortunately has seen it all in the world of Chanukah gifts.

First, as the teenage beneficiary of gifts, don’t worry we get it. As much as our parents assume all gifts (other than money) will be treated with the traditional eye roll and shoulder slouch, as a group, we are pretty good at showing exuberance on cue. So no worries, when my uncle can’t wait to talk about his Old Navy sweater whose pattern was the prototype for a Rorschach test, I promise my excitement will show no bounds. And I will not laugh, when I put on that large men’s sweater on my 5-foot-tall body. And no, I will not exaggerate how long it is by tripping over the end of it. Instead, to my parents shock, I will wear that sweater the entire night. Yes, shockingly mature.

Gift givers: have no fear, all will be met with excitement, but truthfully if you really want to know what we like here’s a quick list:

1.  A Netflix subscription would be appreciated — especially if there’s a new season of “Orange is the New Black.” I know everyone complains we stay in our rooms too long as it is, but we’re teenagers, right?

2.  Concert tickets, a great way to get us out of our rooms — and I don’t mean the opera, Grandpa, or the symphony, other Grandpa.

3.  A puppy.  For me it’s the perfect time, I’m a high school senior leaving home in eight months. But of course, I promise to take care of it for the eight months I’m home; and then I really, really promise to take care of it when I visit for Thanksgiving, that is if I’m not too busy watching Netflix.

4.  An iPad. Yes it can be a mini, so that I can watch Netflix in other places not just in my room. It’s a win-win for parents, I get out of my room and see the world.

5.  And if you are really desperate, another easy win-win for parents is leasing a car.  After all, it will definitely eliminate parental stress over carpooling or errands, well, unless the chores conflict with the shopping mall hours, concert start times or movie times…

So there you have it, a quick list to make any teenager happy but if none of my suggestions tug at the wallets of the gift givers, we will love whatever you give us, well, at least we’ll show you a convincing amount of excitement.  

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