Peres Misguided

Peres Misguided

With the tumultuous recent unfolding of world events, there runs a risk of not taking note of the retirement of Shimon Peres after decades of public service.

Peres is a man who brought a certain ideology and vision as to how the entire Middle East could become and how it could evolve. How symbolic that the swearing in of Ruby Rivlin as the 10th president of the State of Israel was done while Israel is being attacked by a constant barrage of missiles and engaged in a bloody war with Hamas. Sadly, it was this misguided and deeply flawed vision of the outgoing president that has led to the murder of thousands of Israelis and the shattered lives of tens of thousands of individuals and families. Let these painful times allow the people of Israel to re-evaluate the state of delusion following Oslo and embrace a more sane and pragmatic approach in assuring Israel’s future and security.   

Flushing, Queens

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