Parade Observations

Parade Observations

Having watched the Israel Day Parade on May 23, I concur with your observation that it was primarily an Orthodox event (“Israel Parade: Missing In Action,” Editorial, May 28).

However, I find the tone of your editorial and its underlying message to be divisive and polarizing. You rationalize the lack of participation on the part of Jews who are less parochial or not as conservative politically. You don’t say that they should be made to realize that Israel, by its existence, is an advocate for Jews the world over, a haven for Jews who have been persecuted in various times and places, and an invaluable ally to this country.
Instead of a call to action based on these concepts, you bemoan the possibility that the Orthodox will take over. Reform or liberal Jews should not be motivated to support Israel based on internecine rivalries or power struggles. That’s an agenda that serves no good to Israel or Jews in the diaspora.


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