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Palestinian Intransigence

Palestinian Intransigence

I don’t doubt that President Obama will, once again, try to ram a “solution” down Israel’s throat (“The Sorry State Of The Two-State Solution,” Editor’s column, April 22). Having left the Middle East in flames, under the shadow of an Iranian mushroom cloud, setting off another intifada (or worse) would be an apt conclusion to his various forays into foreign relations.

If past American initiatives are any indication, the Palestinians will run from anything that is offered to them (as happened with the Kerry initiative). Israel will then be blamed. And, in response, Israelis will pay in blood for Obama’s initiative. Indeed, every past effort like this has been marked by an increase in terror attacks on Israelis.

Peace will not come to our troubled corner of the world until the all-or-nothing position of the Palestinians, itself predicated upon profound religious and cultural beliefs, evolves into an openness to compromise.

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