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Oy Va Voy, I Lost My Mezuzah!

Oy Va Voy, I Lost My Mezuzah!

When I first started this blog back in March, my father, an avid blog consumer (though not of this one — his taste runs more to the neo-con political ones), e-mailed me that, “The first rule of blogging, you should know, is POSTING SOMETHING EVERY DAY.”

Sorry, Dad, I’ve come nowhere near complying with this rule, especially in the last few weeks. Hopefully this won’t be as great a disappointment as my rejection 21 years ago from Yale or my failure to pursue a more stable and lucrative career.

In any event, while this poor blog languished, Joe, the girls and I were vacationing in Pittsburgh (no jokes here about second prize being a vacation in Philadelphia) and Ann Arbor, Mich., the town where we met and (inter)married many years ago. I’d like to say I was doing “In the Mix” research, since both couples we visited — my mom and stepfather, and my best friend and her husband — are intermarried. However, I was really just hanging out with friends and family, picking raspberries and tomatoes, and frolicking in various children’s museums, water parks and amusement parks.

In case we were worried about our daughters’ emerging Jewish identities, while we were in Ann Arbor they entertained themselves in the car with a bizarre game that involved 7-year-old Ellie repeatedly saying, “Oy va voy, I lost my mezuzah! People will think I’m Christian” and a giggling 4-year-old Sophie pretending to give her a replacement mezuzah. (“No, that’s not a mezuzah, that’s a toilet!” Howls of laughter. “Oh, thank you, THAT’s a mezuzah!” Repeat.)

Which was a huge improvement over their other recurring car games entailing “Are we there yet?” and “Mommy, she hit me!”

Never fear, now that I am back in New York, I am resuming careful stewardship of this blog and will soon bring you up to date on the many interesting happenings in IntermarriageVille.

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