Organizing The Opposition

Organizing The Opposition

I read with interest “Attacking BDS From The Left” (Jan.15) as the organization where I serve as president, Ameinu, has been very engaged with this issue. In that light, I was surprised to read that “missing in the loud and troubling debate in any significant way has been the voice of Jewish faculty.”

The writer properly references the recent defeat of an anti-Israel resolution at the American Historical Association meeting, but neglects to report on an important fact that was mentioned by other news outlets; it didn’t happen by itself. Our Alliance for Academic Freedom, a group of over 200 progressive academics, successfully organized the opposition, spoke at the meeting, and ultimately prevailed. We are currently organizing for a similar battle within the American Anthropological Association, and others coming up down the road.

We welcome the members of the Academic Engagement Network and others who share our analysis that progressives are the best equipped to address unfair and inaccurate attacks from the far left against Israel.

Plainview, L.I.

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