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Oren And The Neturei Kartas Of J Street

Oren And The Neturei Kartas Of J Street

Associate Editor

Monday, October 19th, 2009

J Street, a devious and dangerous neo-Jewish organization, an anti-Israel group with the Orwellian cynicism to call itself “pro-Israel,” is having a major gathering next week. They invited Israel’s Ambassador Michael Oren to speak. So far, he’s blown them off. Wisely. (Update: The embassy announced that the Ambassador won’t be going but someone from the embassy will attend simply as an observer. After all, these guys have to be carefully watched.)

Why should the Ambassador of Israel encourage the idea that J Street, which has worked to undermine Israel’s democratically elected leaders, is part of the pro-Israel Zionist community? They’re not. There’s no need to show J Street the same level of respect that the pluralism-happy Jewish community shows to a normative Jewish organization, any more than pluralistic respect should be given to the Neturei Karta guys who visited and gave cover to Ahmadinijad’s anti-Zionist and Holocaust denial conference in Tehran. J Street is shaping up as the far left equivalent of Neturei Karta. If anything, Neturei Karta is more honest. They don’t claim to be “pro-Israel.” A pro-Israel organization wouldn’t keep silent, they’d be outraged, when the Obama administration says that Israeli sovereignty in all post-1967 territory — including Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, including the Kotel — is illegal. That’s not “pro-Israel.”

Has J Street ever defended Israel without, at the same time, establishing moral equivalency between Israel and her enemies. They didn’t even do that during the Gaza war. when bullets were flying at Jewish soldiers defending Sderot.

But all this is easily explained. J Street isn’t a pro-Israel lobby, it’s a pro-Obama lobby. J Street’s founder even told The New York Times (Sep. 13, 2009), “Our No. 1 agenda is to do whatever we can in Congress to act as the president’s blocking back.”

The number one agenda of the teacher’s union is teachers, not helping the mayor. Even during the gun-friendly Republican years, the number one agenda of the National Rife Association was gun-owners, not Bush or Reagan. The number one agenda of absolutely every lobby in Washington is the best interests of what it claims to be a lobby for, not to work “number one” for the most powerful man in the world, not to work for the politician with whom they should be in honest negotiation, the government to whom the lobby must petition for help. That’s true of every lobby but one — J Street. We already have the National Jewish Democratic Council. They do a beautiful job supporting Obama. God bless the NJDC. But a real “pro-Israel” lobby has a different job. The job of a lobby is to be like a lawyer representing a client. That lawyer’s first agenda has to be the client, not the judge.

If you, dear reader, ever found yourself in court, with a lawyer whose first agenda was not you but what was good for the judge, you’d fire that lawyer and fast, no matter how much you liked the judge.

J Street is not a lobby, it’s a fifth column, more an arm of Obama’s White House than the pro-Israel community that looks to support the decisions made by Israeli democracy. This doesn’t mean that many J Street members aren’t sincere, and do think that the White House crude pressure on Israel is good for Israel. So what if some J Streeters are sincere? Many Jewish intellectuals at City College in the 1930s and 1940s were very sincere Communists, but for all their Jewish intellectual sincerity the fact remains that the number one agenda of the American Communist Party in those years was what was good for Stalin’s Kremlin, not what was good for the American worker (let alone for Russian Jews).

At a certain point, at the outer reaches of a frozen frontier, pluralism ends. Pluralism is not a suicide pact. Despite J Street’s misrepresentations, the People of Israel have shown at the ballot box that they strongly support Netanyahu’s government, and polls show that only four percent of Israelis — four percent! — have positive feelings about Obama’s (read: J Street’s) heartless, callous policies toward Jerusalem and Israelis.

A case can be made that J Street is not even a Jewish organization. It may have some Jewish members but it lacks a Jewish heart.

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