One State Working Now

One State Working Now

Edith Everett, in her Jan. 13 Letter, and Elliot Cosgrove, in his Opinion piece (“Why Liberalism vs. Zionism Is A False Choice”), call for a “two-state solution,” warning in dire terms that a “one-state solution” might be either Jewish or democratic, but not both.

Actually, there’s no need to wonder or worry, because the one-state solution is already in effect right now, and Israel is still both Jewish and democratic.

There is only one state between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River: Israel. Obviously, it’s a democracy. It also has a large Jewish majority. All the Arabs in Gaza, and 98 percent of the Arabs in Judea-Samaria, live under Palestinian rule (Hamas and the Palestinian Authority), not Israeli rule. They are not citizens of Israel, so they pose no threat to Israel’s democracy. They vote in Palestinian elections. They have their own courts, their own police force, their own schools and mosques and hospitals. They have complete self-rule, except the right to import tanks and planes. So Israel’s security is protected.

This is the one-state solution, in practice. It may not be perfect, but it’s a lot better than the alternative. Because if there were a “two-state solution,” it would mean that Israel would be pushed back to indefensibly nine-miles-wide borders and a fully independent Palestinian state would be free to arm itself to the teeth. How would that be good for Israel or for world peace?

Vice President, Religious Zionists of America

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