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One-Sided Version

One-Sided Version

I was disturbed to read your obviously slanted article (“Lincoln Square Synagogue Still Mourns Slain Congregant,” Feb. 4) regarding the events that have unfolded following the tragic death of Shele Danishefsky Covlin.

In failing to determine the truth of the information given you by her grieving congregation you have spread malicious rumor and innuendo about the Covlin family within the Jewish community where they work, pray and are raising the two children.

You have recycled unsubstantiated claims from the New York Post and less than truthful allegations from anonymous sources, and passed them off as reporting. These allegations stem from a very contentious custody dispute in which you have presented only one side.

The Covlins, who have also been tragically affected by this death, are striving to create a normal home situation for the children under extremely difficult circumstances. Their job of shielding the children from any unwanted publicity has now been made much harder. I grieve for all involved and feel that your injection of lashon hara into a complicated situation was unworthy of your paper.


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