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One-Sided Smear

One-Sided Smear

I don’t understand why you would want to lower your paper’s authenticity. Your one-sided smear article against Netiv Aryeh’s rosh yeshiva was highly untrue and unnecessarily negative (“Has The ‘Tough Love’ Rebbe Gone Too Far?” Jan. 27).

I'm a second-year student in Netiv, and I can within each story point out which parts were exaggerated, misconstrued and made up. The greater someone is, the more people are out to get him. This misleading campaign against Rav Bina is both ridiculous and outrageous. I have many friends, who if asked to, would publicly (and not cowardly and anonymously) testify that Rav Bina not only saved them religiously but saved their lives.

Yes, he has told some of my friends to see psychologists but they all look back at it with appreciation, seeing as they were addicted to many illegal and dangerous substances as well as having real emotional and psychological issues to work out. If you ever decide to repent and write a positive and accurate portrayal of Rav Bina, please contact me and I can give you lists upon lists of people who will praise him to the sky and show him in a more honest and accurate light.

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