One-Sided Criticism

One-Sided Criticism

The Jewish Week in an Editorial (“Rage On the Airwaves,” Aug. 13) has attacked Glenn Beck as “extremist” for his references to Nazism, and Fox News as “two-faced.” Which leaves me to wonder — did The Jewish Week devote an Editorial to excoriate House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi for alleging Nazi connection to Tea Party members? What about rebuking Democrat Brian Baird of Washington for claiming that those who attended town hall meeting were using “Brown Shirt tactics?” I don’t seem to recall a piece criticizing George Soros for claiming that George W. Bush was both a Nazi and a terrorist — for that matter any reprimand of Democrat Pete Stark for claiming that President Bush sent young soldiers to Iraq “to get their heads blown off for the president’s amusement.”   

It seems to me that the outrage of The Jewish Week may relate more to the fact that Beck has effectively reported on stories that damage the Obama presidency such as ACORN and Van Jones than his references to Nazism.

Hypocritical? Two-faced? Perhaps The Jewish Week editorial staff should take a long hard look in the mirror.



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