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On South Sudanese Christians

On South Sudanese Christians

Heather Robinson’s Aug. 24 opinion piece, “Israel Should Not Deport South Sudanese Christians,” is very hypocritical.

In this country, which is vastly larger than Israel, illegal immigrants are caught at the borders they attempt to enter and sent back to their homelands. However, tiny Israel, which has already opened its gates to so many desperate people, should now allow the South Sudanese to remain at least temporarily, according to Robinson. 

The writer does not mention, that many of these South Sudanese, while they may not be a security threat, bring diseases such as tuberculosis and others into Israel. They are very poor, do not speak the language, and have very few functional skills. Why then, is it Israel’s responsibility to house, clothe and feed these people, while the price of everyday goods is skyrocketing for the average Israeli?

It is truly sad what has happened to the South Sudanese, but where is the rest of the world? The fact is, that there definitely is crime in the areas in which they live. Robinson should not use the guilt tactic of “the test of the character of a nation is how they treat the powerless.” Israel has passed that test many times over, with very little recognition from world members.  Israel’s first and foremost responsibility is to its citizens.

East Brunswick, N.J.


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