On IfNotNow
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On IfNotNow

I am astonished — and disturbed — by The Jewish Week’s seeking to “Penetrat[e] the Birthright Bubble” (editorial, June 29), as the headline read, by making the case for the radical Jewish members of IfNotNow.

The only “evidence” that Palestinians are being mistreated as a group comes from anti-Israel advocacy groups funded by an industry of international anti-Semites and professional Palestinian propagandists who play the role of victims to perfection, on cue, for every visitor to the West Bank. And contrary to the “conventional wisdom,” there has been no significant growth of West Bank settlements for years, except mainly natural growth within religious communities on the border, which all acknowledge would remain in Israel in a peace deal. Yes, tiny numbers of radical settlers make lots of noise and provoke conflicts in a few hotspots, which anti-Israel mainstream media and organizations amplify way out of proportion, as is their nasty custom.

So, why is The Jewish Week siding with our anti-Israel youth?


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