On Editor’s Retirement
Letters To The Editor

On Editor’s Retirement

I am grateful to Gary Rosenblatt for providing a forum for disparate voices to be heard, voices like mine that challenge prevailing political and social beliefs (“Jewish Week Editor To Step Down After 26 Years,” June 28).

He helped make The Jewish Week a place where one could feel confident that an opposing point of view would be welcomed and respected. I am saddened to learn that he will no longer be the paper’s editor. I hope that his influence and guidance will continue to make this newspaper as fair and open to an array of diverse opinions as it has been under his leadership.

I wish you well, Mr. Rosenblatt. I thank you for providing me with the occasional opportunity to share my thoughts in this Letter to the Editor space, and I look forward to your ongoing contributions to the paper you led so well for so many years.


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