On Applause For Trump

On Applause For Trump

Though I was not at the recent AIPAC national policy conference, I was disappointed to hear that Donald Trump received applause and more. (“Off-Script, Trump Forces Rare AIPAC Rebuke,” March 25.)

Words are cheap, and his might be cheapest of all, given how carelessly he throws them around. 

When did we become a community that will embrace a narcissistic buffoon, just because he says things we want to hear, when any thinking person should know that he is unfit for the office to which he aspires? 

It is to our great discredit to be so desperate as to grab at whomever mouths words we approve of, even while that person is entirely dismissive and disdainful of the very things that have made America exceptional and worth emulating. A carnival barker who declares “Am Yisrael Chai” is still a carnival barker.


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