Old Reference

Old Reference

On March 31, you printed, with a factually inaccurate revision, my letter concerning Jonathan Mark’s linkage of the Reform movement with the American Council of Judaism in the 1940s. Where I simply stated that he was implying that the ACJ was an official arm of “Reform,” you amended the latter reference to read “Union for Reform Judaism.”   

That was not what I said. The Union for Reform Judaism was not so named until 2003, having previously been the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Moreover, that body was only the congregational arm of the Reform movement.   

By taking the liberty of amending my letter, you made it appear that I was the one who authored this anachronistic reference.

I take great pride in being factually accurate in anything I state publicly, whether written or oral, and I hope you will acknowledge, particularly by publishing this correspondence, that the error was not mine.


Editor’s note: Indeed, the error, which we regret, was ours.

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