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Obama’s Losing More Of Our Money Than Madoff

Obama’s Losing More Of Our Money Than Madoff

Associate Editor

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Sooner of later, Obama actually has to be smart, not just talk smart. The AIG bosses are running rings around him and picking his (our) pocket for billions. He can’t blame this one on Bush. Or Limbaugh. The AIG bosses are making off with millions in bonuses (almost as much as the $900 million in humanitarian bonuses that Obama wants to give via the backdoor to Hamas) and everytime another goniff runs off with bailout money, Obama acts like he’s shocked, he had no idea, but next time…

Then the next time comes and Obama is surprised, he had no idea, he’s shocked, outraged (as if he had nothing to do with it), he never thought that there had to be some strings attached to the billions he gives away to bandits, and we’re all out another couple of hundred million. Between his bungled appointments of anti-Semites like Chas Freeman and his bottomless well of bonuses for billionaires, I’m beginning to think Obama’s surprised a little too often for someone who’s supposed to be so smart. He’s losing our money faster than if we invested with Bernie Madoff, another guy that important Jews kept telling me was so smart. At least Madoff knew what he was doing. Is Obama and his economic team “Best and the Brightest” smart, like the JFK & LBJ brain trust that led us into the “Big Muddy” of Vietnam? Or is possible that (gulp) Obama’s not so smart?

Smart? Supporters of both Madoff and Obama compared their man to god. Obama better get a lot smarter in a hurry. Right now his four-year contract looks about as smart as Luis Castillo’s.

I’m not one of those Palm Beach dudes that had money with Madoff, but as an American citizen I have my money with (and betting on) Obama. Will Farrell is playing Broadway with a one-man show that depicts Bush as an idiot, in a White House full of idiots, the way every Republican president since Eisenhower was depicted but Democratic administrations rarely are. I believe that all the maligned presidents meant well — as does Obama — and were trying to do what they thought was best for the country. I’ve always found “idiot” characterizations of any president to be conversationally lazy, unfair and unpleasant, as well as rude to those in the room who might be supporters of that president. But if “idiot” is the way so many Obama supporters still characterize Bush, Sarah Palin, and bumbling Republican administrations, what are we to make of this exchange between ABC’s Jake Tapper and Obama’s press secretary?

Oh, and one more question. How come we always hear about New York State’s attorney general chasing down the bonus thieves but we never hear about Obama’s attorney general chasing down the thieves? It’s a national problem. Why is the state guy more on top of this than the national guy?

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