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Obama’s foreign free-fall is good for Israel

Obama’s foreign free-fall is good for Israel

Associate Editor

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Here’s an old children’s song that will be a perfect marching song for our soldiers invading Afghanistan and our soldiers who’ll be pulling out. (Barney’s song begins at 4:30 into the video).

Oh, the noble Duke of York.
He had ten thousand men.
He marched them up
to the top of the hill.
And he marched
them down again.

And when they’re up, they’re up.
And when they’re down, they’re down.
And when they’re only halfway up,
They’re neither up nor down.

For years we’ve been told over and over again that it was so important that Europe respect the United States, something they supposedly didn’t do when Bush was in the White House. It was one of Obama’s great selling points — he’d have Europe respecting us again. So check out this scathing analysis in Germany’s Spiegel of Obama’s Afghanistan speech.

Obama’s turning into the global Rodney Dangerfield, he “don’t get no respect.”

How’s he doing in the Arab world, for all his groveling? Check this out.

If we’re to judge a president by how much he’s respected overseas, how are we to judge Obama?

Why this belongs in a Jewish blog is simple: Jewish leaders — and Jewish journalists — around the United States rolled over and played fetch for Obama during the last election. (Some Jewish leaders still are). It didn’t matter that there was nothing Jewish about most Jewish media coverage of Obama. The main purpose of Jewish journalism, or so they’d have you think, was to support Obama. For many weeks, there was no bigger story for too many Jewish journalists than the fact that anonymous e-mails, not even from Jews, were knocking their guy. There was no greater horror, for many, than a cartoon of Obama on the cover of The New Yorker. There was nothing more offensive and censored than anyone writing or mentioning Barack H. Obama’s middle name, until he himself started using his middle name. Nothing too Jewish about any of that except for Jews who think Judaism begins and ends with voting Democrat. Jews were told, over and over again, by Jewish journalists, that if Jews didn’t vote for Obama they were racist. How he felt about Israel, all of the red flags surrounding Obama’s leftist Islamophile naivite, such as his affiliations with Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said, and his Jeremiah Wright-bred belief that America was always wrong, that the president should indulge in global apologetics, that a man who was about as experienced as Sara Palin in foreign affairs was on the verge of running American foreign policy, was ignored by comparison to all the fawning.

This is what they wrought. Obama’s foreign policy, across the planet, is unraveling like the cheapest of suits. And that’s the good news — for Israel. If Obama was still as adored, here and around the world, as he was during the campaign, then Israel (and non-J Street American Jews who support Israel the old fashioned way) would be under massive pressure to obey Obama as if he had assumed the old British Mandate and was Israel’s colonial master, along with his Rashid Khalidi-like anti-Israeli slice-and-dice dictates. Instead, as direspect for Obama is swelling around the globe, Israel — should Israel choose to step up their defiance of Obama – would be just one more voice in a global chorus of disrespect, a far better spot than going solo.

We are supposed to care what the world, especially Europe, thinks of our president. It turns out they don’t think too highly of Obama at all. That’s hard for Obama’s sycophants from last summer to spin. And it’s not good for America. But it’s very good for Israel.

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