Obama To Blame

Obama To Blame

The article, “AIPAC Handcuffed By Speechgate?” (March 6) tells us of AIPAC President Howard Kohr’s concern as to “how this speech has come about.” 

However the real “elephant in the room” was not Prime Minister Netanyahu, as JTA reporter Ron Kampeas averred, but President Obama himself. Six years of unprecedented abuse of Israel’s prime minister — from walking out of a meeting for dinner to having senior administration officials [who] call him “coward” and “chickenshit” — have not been lost on the dark forces of the Middle East and around the world, nor even on some Democrats. 

But Israel’s world-class statesman could no longer stand idly by while President Obama negotiated a nuclear deal posing an existential danger to our Jewish state. And Obama, having set the stage, applied pressure on Democrats, trying to turn Netanyahu into the problem, rather than the real threat to world peace, Iran.


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