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Obama Backer: Zionists Wanted Holocaust

Obama Backer: Zionists Wanted Holocaust

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

That sure was terrible, what Rev. John Hagee said about the Holocaust, that it was God’s way of sending the Jews back to Israel. Almost as bad as what Hamas says about the Holocaust and Jews.

Hagee, of course, was a major supporter of John McCain, until this fuss led McCain to reject Hagee’ endorsement, and Hagee to withdraw his endorsement after McCain’s rejection.

And Obama has rejected his endorsement by Hamas.

Have you ever heard of a rabbi linking God’s will, the Shoah and the founding of Israel? You’ve heard dozens of rabbis do that.

Let’s be honest. No one takes Hagee’s theology seriously, not McCain and not the many Jewish journalists who are all over the Hagee story.

The main goal for too many journalists on this story is that it is a chance to hurt McCain by balancing out the flack over Obama’s crazy preacher and his other crackpot supporters.

Hey, you see, McCain has a nutty preacher, too, so there. (Even if McCain didn’t sit in his pew and write him checks for 20 years).

Of course, some of the same Jewish journalists who are chasing down every angle of Hagee did next to nothing to chase down the Jeremiah Wright embarrassment (until that story was too big to ignore) and did nothing to chase down the Hamas endorsement of Barack Obama and nothing about what Hamas has been saying about Jews and the Holocaust almost every week. In case you’d like to read more about the Hamas endorsement, you can go here, here, here, and here.

Let’s see, it’s politically incorrect to say Obama’s middle name, his father’s religion, his childhood education, his wife, his radical Palestinian supporters in his home district, his association with former terrorists from the Weathermen underground, and now we can’t bring up the Hamas endorsement – all official “smears.” For the first time in American history, a candidate’s unauthorized bio is off-limits. And too many journalists, usually so quick to defend and revere the media’s crucial role in informing the public, so quick to defy any repression, go meekly along with Obama’s censorship because, well, some of them want Obama to be president, simple as that. Nothing that might embarrass Obama is important, just a coincidence.

It’s just a tremendous coincidence that when an endorser of McCain says something embarrassing, it’s a huge story, and when Hamas endorses Obama and that could embarrass Obama, it’s ignored for weeks.

Just two weeks ago, The Jewish Week published an editorial against “Guilt By Association,” encouraging readers not to presume Obama’s guilt because of his many troubling associations. Presumably, Obama supporters who cheered the wisdom of that editorial will not make a big deal about McCain’s association with Hagee.

Yeah, right.

And since the Jewish media is so concerned with what Hagee said about Jews and the Holocaust, here’s what Obama’s Hamas supporters say about Jews and the Holocaust, because clearly it is very important what endorsers say about Jews and the Holocaust: Obama’s supporters in Hamas say that Ben-Gurion and the Zionists were OK with the Holocaust as a way to get rid of the elderly Jews and the weak Jews that the new Jewish State didn’t want or need.

You can see a video clip from Hamas television here, read it here, and here.

You want another good clip? How about this TV clip from Al-Jazeera showing how radical Palestinians have put together a sophisticated (albeit unofficial) campaign office for Obama in Gaza?

I’m told that I should be sacred of McCain’s Christian Zionist supporters but I should not be scared of Obama’s anti-Zionist Islamic supporters.

But the guys in Hagee’s church don’t want to kill me.

The guys on Al-Jazeera do.

I bet some guys in Wright’s pews wouldn’t mind, either. I’m afraid of Obama but I’m more afraid of the horse he’s riding in on; a horse he can’t control.

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