Not Uniform Automatons

Not Uniform Automatons

It’s really too bad that the author’s ability to maintain a complex, multilayered identity comes at the cost of his ability to appreciate nuance in groups different from his own (Shmoozefeed blog on Post Day School Guilt Disorder).

In case readers are wondering: Stern College students are people, not the uniform automatons the writer imagines us to be. We struggle with our religious identities, consider our political affiliations and have interests that (shockingly!) range well beyond “Grey’s Anatomy.” Some of us have pink hair (a distinction that is apparently a clear indicator of depth and complexity,) some choose jeans over denim skirts, and yes — some of us major in sociology. This shouldn’t be even mildly surprising to anyone who’s ever bothered to spend an hour in the halls of Stern College, but then, why bother with real-life conversation with people who are obviously more useful as stereotypes?
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