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Not Single-Issue Voters

Not Single-Issue Voters

Regarding “Israel Isn’t The Only Issue In This Election” (Opinion, Oct. 5) by Edith Everett: Kol hakavod to Edith Everett for her straightforward, edifying piece on Israel’s place in American elections. Not only are Jewish Americans overwhelmingly not single-issue voters on Israel, as some candidates treat them, but even if they were, the majority is able to parse a nuanced issue and recognize that strong American leadership in the peace process is better for Israel’s future than handing over our foreign policy to a conservative Israeli leadership.

Everett correctly points out that criticizing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should not be equated with betraying Israel. A secure, peaceful future for the Jewish state can be achieved only when its friends, notably the American president, are honest when its policies are harmful or counterproductive.

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