Not Retired Yet As Chazzan

Not Retired Yet As Chazzan

I was very pleased to read Steve Lipman’s well-written interview with the new chazzan of Lincoln Square Synagogue, Yaakov (Yanky) Lemmer (New York Minute, Sept. 20). It truly reflected Yanky’s sweet and giving personality. In order to clarify a possible misinterpretation, however, (based on numerous calls that I have received), I wish to state that Yanky has come to us as a direct result of my voluntary request to the LSS leadership to be allowed “slow down” after 50 years at the shul in order to spend more time with my out-of-town children and grandchildren. I have not retired, but I now enjoy the status of “senior chazzan,” getting a lot of pleasure out of sharing all sacerdotal duties with the very talented Yanky this coming year and next. I will not be officially “retired” until December of 2015. I urge all West Siders to come to daven with me once a month and with Yanky twice a month.


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