Not Representative Voices
Letters to the editor

Not Representative Voices

“Middle Movement Caught in Middle on Jerusalem” (Dec. 15) asserts: “Young Conservative Jews angered … many young insiders confused and disappointed.” But those front-page charges are simply not true.

The real story is that the Jewish Theological Seminary’s (JTS) big tent includes a number of students who belong to, or are sympathetic to, the anti-Israel radical Jewish Voice for Peace. Theirs were the only voices heard in Hannah Dreyfus’ report and are in no way representative of young Conservative Jews.

On the contrary, these voices are the present incarnation of the JTS students who, a few years ago, were reported celebrating birthdays in Ramallah with their Palestinian friends under pictures on Yasir Arafat while Israelis were being killed by Palestinian terrorists. They no more belong in the JTS than Jews for Jesus.



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