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No Two-State Solution

No Two-State Solution

Regarding “Israel’s Land Grab, More Than Bad Timing” (Sept. 12): Is Gary Rosenblatt kidding? Is he still living in the fantasyland of a two-state solution? It is incredulous that after three Israeli boys were kidnapped and murdered by West Bank Palestinians, which then turned into the war, that there are actually people who still think some sort of compromise can be worked out with people who want all Jews dead.

When Britain and France carved out the Middle East in the l920s, a country called Trans Jordan was created for the “Palestinians.” That is where they are supposed to be.  The West Bank, as you choose to call it, whose proper name is Judea and Samaria, never belonged to the Palestinians. Israel has every right to annex that land, and I say more power to her. 

The Palestinians only understand strength. They do not understand solutions, they do not understand compromise.  They want the entire land of Israel, and from their point of view will not stop until they reach their goal. 

What is it going to take for you, Mr. Rosenblatt, and your supporters, to get that there is not ever going to be a two-state solution? Netanyahu knows it, most Israelis know it, and probably even the U.S. knows it, but for some reason, you and your supporters are holding on to some myth that will never be.

Edison, N.J.

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