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No To Theocracy

No To Theocracy

 In “Rally Here Slams Obama and Jewish Democrats (April 30), a reference was made, saying that Manhigut Yehudit, “an Israeli organization that favors a theocracy for the Jewish State,” was represented at the April 25 “Break The Silence Rally” we organized to express our displeasure with President Barack Obama’s anti-Israel policies.

While we at the Jewish Action Alliance, the organizers of the rally, find much to be admired by the convictions and loyalty to the State of Israel coming from Manhigut, and are delighted that friends who are Manhigut supporters were in the crowd, we did not ask Manhigut to speak.

We at Jewish Action Alliance consider Jewish history and the Bible significant underpinnings of the State of Israel’s essence and aspiration, but we do not call for Israel to be a theocracy, nor to be governed exclusively by Shulchan Aruch, the code of Jewish law. Historic Jewish religious values are always important; nonetheless a government should be formally structured along the lines of individual liberty and by the will of its voters.

Jewish Action Alliance

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