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No To Appeasement

No To Appeasement

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not have to defend himself against any thoughts that his policies have brought Israel into isolation from the rest of the world “March On Washington Seen If U.S.-Israeli Crisis Continues,” April 2).

Contrary to these thoughts we should reckon with the fact that every active appeasement to the world’s dictates have brought Israel closer to murder, terrorism and insecurity. By leaving Gaza precipitously without demanding any actions from the Palestinians we have just enabled further rocket attacks on Sderot and the western Negev. We have never settled the 10,000 Jewish refugees from Gaza and of course have never received a penny from the United Nations Commission on refugees. We have never even received world sympathy for their plight.

Further, we left Lebanon at the direction of the United Nations and are constantly aware of the massive arms buildup that Hezbollah has achieved so far. This massive arms buildup puts all of Israel in danger. We are still awaiting real sanctions against Iran, because the world does not really want to impose any sanctions. We would be very foolhardy to build a policy that would depend on the approval of countries like Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or even the United States.

Netanyahu can state very well that he has not become prime minister of Israel in order to became any party in harming Israel’s chances of survival. He has become the prime minister to achieve Israel’s best interests in a world that now thinks that might is right and anything goes in a world dependent on Arab oil.


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