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No Sympathy For Ivanka

No Sympathy For Ivanka

Ivanka Trump to the rescue! I don’t think so — she has just as much experience being a leader on women’s rights as her father running this country (“Women’s Groups In Appeal To Ivanka,” June 9).

She is no Esther saving the Jewish people from extermination. She is no Deborah dispensing her wisdom to the Jewish community. She doesn’t have the inside track on motherhood or even her job. She has plenty of help and was handed her position in the Trump organization. The only thing she has managed to do is secure heterim [permission] for travel on Shabbat. She complains about the “viciousness” of Washington, but she does not have to look further than 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. where her father sits.

As they say, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”


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