No Room For Palestine

No Room For Palestine

Hilik Bar joins those who want the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolved with
the establishment of a Palestinian state (“Time To Recognize The Palestinian State,” Opinion, Jan. 9). His is a positive position. This will never be possible because of the extent of Israel’s “facts on the

The impression prevails in the United States that the “facts” only refer to
settlements. They are much more. Collectively their pattern leaves no
room for a viable Palestinian entity.

They include the Oslo three-zone system, the security barrier, Israeli-only
highways, unilateral expansion of Jerusalem, the annexation of East Jerusalem
and quasi-annexation of Bethlehem, surrounding Palestinian population centers
with settlements and military garrisons, military fire zones as placeholders
for new
settlements, control of the Palestinian water supply and electricity grid, a
permit system based on over 2,500 military orders, expropriation of
Palestinian land, and discriminatory laws.

To understand the relationships among these “facts,” it is necessary to
carefully through the West Bank with detailed maps and a GPS in hand.

Colrain, Mass.

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